Dreams Do Come True.

Jan and Jen came from Amarillo,Texas to Santa Fe,Pat Murphy - Jenny and Jen Moore-26961New Mexico to be united in a legal marriage during the Christmas holiday season. In Jen’s own words Santa Fe is “the one special place our souls feel at peace, our hearts beat in unison, and each breath inhaled is a cleansing of the spirit as we merge into one. We’ve talked of this “feeling” many times, and dreamed of making our home in the magical land of enchantment.” They both felt so much joy to marry in their most favorite place on earth. Thank You New Mexico for being a marriage equality state allowing many couples to fulfill their dreams of marrying the one they love.Pat Murphy - Jenny and Jen Moore- I was so honored they chose me to be their wedding officiant. We co-created a beautiful ceremony where their love story was weaved into the rituals and readings. Photography by Dreamcatcherlou.com

Celebrating Love,

Story Catcher Pat


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  1. We couldn’t have asked for better, or for more. You were absolutely brilliant in your delivery of our ceremony! Much love from Texas! <3

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